Andre Smith (Shacar) is a twenty-year-old aspiring musician from Clearwater, Florida. From an early age he always knew that performing was in his future. He began his journey at The Pinellas County Center for the Arts, one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the state of Florida. After high school, Shacar attended Pace University in New York City to study musical theater. After one semester at Pace, he left the school due to financial troubles, a leave of absence that enabled him to focus solely on his craft. 

After leaving Pace University, Shacar was left homeless, working internships at hot 97 and EthikNY clothing company, where his manager (Max Bahramipour) discovered his talents. After spending a year developing his musical project and his image as an artist, Shacar signed on to the independent label Paradice Records in 2014 as their first artist. He made his debut performance in 2015 at the sxsw festival in Austin, Texas. He was also the winning recipient for the New Skool Rules 2015 international music conference and festival in Rotterdam, Holland. 

Shacar has recently been working on his first project, the culmination of twelve songs that are woven together to conceptually tell a story through visual elements and sound.




Ida Divine has flourished into one of the most apt, and exquisite Independent Artist in her genre. She is that oddity that can deliver the Motown style of song without missing a pitch. Her voice is intense and sultry, and when those lyrics are set free during performances or even a practice session, she seduces the hearts and minds of any listener that takes an interest in her.

IDA has hit singles such as “Grow Up,” “Time,” “IG My Shoe Game” and “Sometimes” just to name a few ; these singles have traveled worldwide to California, New York, Philadelphia, Georgia, Miami, Virginia, Chicago, Nairobi, Ghana, Nigeria, Toronto, Australia, Paris and Poland. She’s performed alongside Phonte, Lady Saw, Raekwon, Dead Prez, Anthony David, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and Naughty By Nature. She won Best R&B female vocalist for the Carolina Music Awards in 2009 for her a mix tape release “1979” after being out for only a short span of six months. Ida also won Best Female
R&B artist at the 2012, Queen City Awards. Hanus TV nominated Ida for her best cover, and produced rendition recordings of “Poison.” This “Divine” entity has a feature in Four Magazine, Creative Loafing, Ihiphop, The Examiner, On Smash, Hanus TV, and Rodney Perry Live. Ida Divine’s following compare her style and delivery to the Multi Grammy Award Winner Lauryn Hill. In my opinion, there is no comparison to another artist or lyricist. With her project “Molecular Legato”, her statement is clear, and she is just a creative damsel that’s stressing the message of artistic freedom. Ida’s humble, and peaceful nature is a great deal like “Razia Sultana”. When you combine those two strong qualities with her bravura, lyrical expression, in addition to her slayer-stage presence; you already know that she is the definition of artistry ascended, and has created a new trend of evolutionary-soul.



Performing Artist, Singer, Producer

Anthony Nwabueze, or popularly known as TEEMANAY, a.k.a "Young Icon" is an Afrobeat and Dancehall singer from The Igbo speaking part (Ibusa) of Delta State Nigeria. He was born on May 18th in Delta State and grew up partly in Delta and Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated from the Department of Human Anatomy from Delta State University Abraka, and then relocated to South Africa to further his studies in Community Health as encouraged by his parents. However, Teemanay saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on his long growing passion for music. He decided to make official in November 2014 with a debut single titled "Girl For The Night", which he submitted for a radio competition in one of South Africa's popular radio station called UJ Fm 95.4, and TEEMANAY won the award for Best New Artist.

That moment gave birth to the affirmation of his decision to follow his passion to the ends of the globe. Since then, TEEMANAY has dropped only a few singles (Gra Gra, King, Angel, We Can Freestyle), but recorded so many that have yet to be released. He decided to take his time to study the Afrobeat and Dancehall sound which he infuses in his tune and terms it "AfroDancehall." His love for "Afro Dancehall" pushed him to travel far and wide in search of a suitable environment that allows him to maximize his potential as an energetic performer and great singer with vocal dexterity. TEEMANAY hopes to bridge the gap between Afrobeat and Dancehall in totality as he travels through his musical journey.



Author. Rapper. Designer. Visionary.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, L Joevon currently lives and produces in New York City as a writer. His creativity was an escape from his reality. Having never laid eyes on his father, being raised by a misguided mother for his first 7 years to being transplanted into 8 foster/group homes, The misunderstood anger and pain built inside him with no way to cope with the pain. His outlet became art. L. Joevon performed in local underground spots that landed him a management deal. Unfortunately, L experienced the manipulation of power and was faced with a decision to make; either become a puppet for the funding, or take his career into his own hands.

Chanique pic.jpg

Chanique Rogers was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. She grew up in the parish of Saint George and at an early age discovered that she was blessed with a beautiful voice and lovingly acquired the name "songbird" from friends and family, a name that has stuck with her through the years.Her Journey has been rife with personal breakthroughs and challenges; along with being a model, child care provider and gaining confidence again to help herself and other women to stand strong against Alopecia.

Chanique has performed on BET's 106 & Park as “ gospels youngest duo” and spotlight artist . She was an assistant worship leader and soloist with Peoples Choice Awards winning choir Total Praise for 6 years. She also performed several shows and background vocals for Former lady of Chic Alfa Anderson; world renowned singer and music composer Aziza Miller and violinist Daisy Joplin. Rogers has also repeatedly appeared on ABC's daytime television show "The Chew", performing alongside RCE gospel ensemble.

In 2016, Chanique released her first single titled "I Can" on the indie label Adrilor Music - an inspirational song which is now being distributed by Sony Music Group, in conjunction with RJC Records on their inspirational Compilation CD for 2017. Her singing she adds is a vital part of her existence. Chanique credits her divinely personal progress, alongside the support she has received from her flesh-and kin and those in her loving surrogate family, as what keeps her pushing to better herself and talent; to become better at all she does.


Born and raised Vocalist in New York City, Rosdeli Marte found her craft when she was introduced to Jazz, letting it seep into other
flavors of music. Through her musicianship, she mixes the old with the new, varying her style from airy and soothing to feel good and swingin'. She continues to captivate hearts through story telling and open ears through experimental improvisation.
IG - @cocoamartian
FB - Rosdeli Angela

Visual Artists

Photograph credit: Moyo Oyelola

 Òmó Oba (Prince) Adetomiwa A. Gbadebo


Born Ómò Oba (Prince) Adetomiwa A. Gbadebo in Abeokuta, Nigeria; into three royal families: the Gbadebo royal family of Egba Kingdom and the Ademiluyi family of Ilé-Ifè Kingdom as well as the Oshodi (Tapa) family from Lagos. Òmó Oba (Prince) Gbadebo uses his Yorùbá heritage and life experiences to create his pieces based on emotions and the journey that life stitches; he embodies a spiritual trance while he creates. He does not associate himself with any artistic movement; for it is with the guidance of Olódùmarè that he executes his message. As multiple ideas develop in his conscious and unconscious mind, they evolve into languages of spiritual prowess, guided by Orishas (Yorùbá spiritual ancestors), Olódùmarè (Yorùbá creator of all beings on earth) and Ifá philosophy (Yorùbá religious concept); with the inclusion of his global travels. He also pushes to teach humanity to truly see what they are choosing not to see; question all conscious solutions given, while selflessly aiming for positive progression for all alike and different. Yorùbá spirituality, teachings of communal emphasis, human will, Yorùbá music by greats such as Chife Hubert Ogunde, Duro Ladipo as well activist and musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti have a huge influence on why he creates fierce and conversational works of art today. 


Apart from the focus on his artistic practices; Òmó Oba (Prince) Gbadebo has also participated in being on many artistic boards, such as is presence as a board member on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MAEP) program. He has also directed many artistic programs focused on African art and Adults with special needs. Now; Òmó Oba (Prince) Gbadebo focuses on promoting African art and culture globally as an ambassador to his people.


Òmó Oba Gbadebo states: "I create art for the future of my being and those that have come before me, and for those around the world who need inspiration and hope to deal with humanity's prosperities and discords, as well as the preservation of the Yorùbá culture and philosophies. I create to challenge people's previously unquestioned intellect. I want my people as well as those foreign to my existence to be reminded of where they have come from and where they need to go for a sustained equilibrium of life for all”. Òmó Oba Gbadebo, also focuses on collecting art globally as well as retaining strong relationships with establishments in support of the global art scene; which he states, “fuels and enlightens his artistic practices”.

In describing himself, Òmó Oba (Prince) Gbadebo says: “I am just a Yorùbá man and a mortal, flesh and bones; a custodian of culture; a vessel for Olódùmarè and my people; sharing his philosophies and journeys with all; for a better enlightened future aimed at humanity - socially, morally, intellectually, economically, and spiritually”. 

Òmó Oba (Prince) Gbadebo is also the CEO and founder of Ori Consulting Group (Oriifa). Ori Consulting Group is a company that focuses on positive development across Africa as well as other global landscapes. Currently, Ori consulting groups, focuses on the arts and culture sector.

“The term artist is not one that should be abused; it is a privilege not a right”.

Ómò Oba(HRH). Adetomiwa A. Gbadebo



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 Instagram: @Sangoa


Jordan E Moss

Jordan E Moss is a NYC based artist featured recently in the FYID International Designer Showcase. This artist specializes in illustration, design, and photo.



IAN SULLIVAN is a New York City based artist recently featured in the FYID International Designer Showcase. Check out his work online. 


Simone Steinbrock

Simone Steinbrock Smith is a painter recently featured at the FYID International Designer Showcase. Check out his work online.



New York City bred artist John-Herbert Wright uses  vibrant  colors  and  lack there of  to display  intersecting parts ; Rhythmic line work balanced by straight edges are a common theme. 

John's intentions to collide  organic and linear shapes are made to  highlight negative spaces as well as showcase a clash of colors. His often use of  Intrusive black lines are set as a balancing force in the crossroads  of these worlds - This is where he feels Chaos and Order intersect. 

John-Herbert Wright's body  of work is meant to highlight the junction in our lives where crossroads and collisions bring us to the next phase - through confusion and order we learn more about ourselves and inherently grow.


11 Light Blue Couches

11 Light Blue Couches is a visual artist, healer, and poet based in New York City. She was recently featured as a spotlight artist at Black  Fvshionoligst: Photoshoot Party co-produced by FYID NYC as well as at The InterseXtion: An Art + Fashion Showcase. 


Crystal Ife Sekhem

Crystal Ife Sekhem is a visual  artist, dancer, woodworker, spoken word performer, musician, writer, teaching artist, and production specialist. She recently showcased at the FYID International Designer Showcase. 




Orchid Red is a blacklisted Korean visual artist currently based in New York City. Orchid Red recently showcased at the FYID International Designer Showcase, FYID International Women's Day at Nabe Harlem, and frequently produces private art shows in NYC.


Swara dance

Swarali Karulkar is originally from Mumbai, India and moved to NYC in August 2014 to obtain her masters in Dance/Movement Therapy. She started her training in dance at a young age of 6 and continued till she was touring with various dance companies across India. After her success on Asia's Biggest Dance Reality show (Dance India Dance) as a finalist and choreographer for several years, she continued her work through movie choreographies, master classes and consultant for dance reality shows. Alongside her professional dance career, Swarali utilized her gymnast background and her degree in psychology to devise a program for stress reduction at corporate settings and worked closely with Disney India and Life Corporation of India. She recently performed at IIFA awards with A.R. Rahman and was a guest performer on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Currently, Swarali works as a Dance/Movement Therapist with William O'Connor School, a BollyX instructor at various gyms, choreographer for off-broadway/Broadway shows, performer for solo shows/world tours and handles a youtube channel. She strongly believes in the statement, 'I dance therefore I am' and is determined to share her passion with anyone who would like to explore the power of movement with her.