Seeds In The Concrete - Hardcover

Seeds In The Concrete - Hardcover


L Joevon debutes his novel, Seeds in the Concrete, a first time interactive story that distributes music soundtracks via QR scans that’s embedded in the pages of the book.

Hardcover is made of leather, full color printed with embedded ribben bookmark. Great as an collectors item.

Advance praise of the book:

“Seeds in the concrete is absolutely BRILLIANT and beautifully written with a Brooklynite twang. The music incorporated within its pages especially Candy Red and Mustard Seed elevates how I envision the characters. The music is a solid touch which engages young readers or simply urbanites into a more relatable experience during the storytelling. The music also is bringing back hip hop to what it is supposed to be; storytelling of many struggles. Especially storytelling the obstacles young men of color endure regularly in impoverished neighborhoods in America. I’m here for the movement… A must Read” -Solange-

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