Seeds In The Concrete - Paperback

Seeds In The Concrete - Paperback


L Joevon debutes his novel, Seeds in the Concrete, a first time interactive story that distributes music soundtracks via QR scans that’s embedded in the pages of the book.

Advance praise of the book:

“Seeds in the concrete is absolutely BRILLIANT and beautifully written with a Brooklynite twang. The music incorporated within its pages especially Candy Red and Mustard Seed elevates how I envision the characters. The music is a solid touch which engages young readers or simply urbanites into a more relatable experience during the storytelling. The music also is bringing back hip hop to what it is supposed to be; storytelling of many struggles. Especially storytelling the obstacles young men of color endure regularly in impoverished neighborhoods in America. I’m here for the movement… A must Read” -Solange-

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